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Wine tastings

Our sommelier Daniel Hasert can arrange wine tastings with international and regional top wines including a sumptuous buffet.   Expertise, a well-trained palate and plenty of background knowledge are complementing each other perfectly.   Our wine cellar with over 250 different wines allows for exciting comparisons, for example, between Remstal wines from VDP estates (Association of German Wine Estates) and international top quality wines.

  • 30th November 2017

    Limited wines round the world
    80,00 € per Person including buffet

  • Fully booked

21st June 2018

Delicious wines at the beginning of summer

60,00 € per person including buffet

27th September 2018

Local meets International

60,00 € per person including buffet

29th November 2018

Germans "Grosse Gewächse" in comparison

86,00 € per Person including buffet, wine and water

All dates are on a Thursday at 7pm