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Festivities & Celebrations

To ensure your celebration is a success, good preparation is a matter of course.   Your wishes, ideas and visions combined with our services, suggestions and not least our vast experience makes for a very special and magical time in our restaurant.   

The menu and buffet suggestions have been formed from our expertise and include both modern creations and traditional Swabian cuisine and maybe even one or two of our special event ideas.   

Your personal wishes are always paramount in ensuring that your celebration will be unforgettable.   We offer packages from tailor-made wedding packages through to high-quality wine tastings with buffet.   

Our restaurant rooms

Flair salon with round tables: up to 55 people

Vaulted cellar from the 13th century: up to 60

people Restaurant (4 rooms): up to 90 people

Jägerstube (Hunter's Room, restaurant room): up to 35 people

Puppenstube (Doll's House, restaurant room): up to 20 people

Backstube (Bakehouse, restaurant room): up to 30 people

Bauernstube (Farmhouse Room, restaurant room): up to 14 people

menu suggestions (PDF)

Our buffet suggestions (PDF)