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Our philosophy

Welcome to the LAMM in Hebsack
OWe want to offer our guests many moments of happiness, both in the restaurant and in the hotel.   Guests are welcome to let loose, relax and enjoy life.   We will serve you with much joy, professionalism and a high level of personal attention. We are chefs and hosts with passion. Our cuisine is of high quality, creative, clever and likes to show off its regional roots. It means a great deal to us to interpret old recipes anew and to surprise our guests with new creations, time and again. Our service is warm and individual: restrained competence and comprehensive knowledge coupled with a personal passion. We offer our hotel guests a temporary home from home. In addition to our professional side, we also offer family ambiance. We wish all our guests a "Warm welcome to the Lamm in Hebsack. Welcome from the Polinski and Hasert families and the entire Lamm team."

We like to treat our guests
We look forward to every guest.   By choosing to stay with us, our guests offer us their trust, which   we reward with a first-class and reliable service.   We combine our expert knowledge with the appropriate sensitivity for each individual guest request. Guests are like good friends for whom we care for and who we like to welcome with a smile.

We take care of complaints
We do get complaints, too.   They are, however, not an annoyance, but rather an incentive to do things better in future.   That is why we listen to what our guests have to say.   And we will respond to it, look for a solution and always give feedback.

We focus on Quality
We always pay attention to quality – in the kitchen, the equipment and the service. We continuously and systematically strive to improve our performance and our offerings. We are always open to ideas and suggestions.   And we have the ambition to implement good things quickly and unbureaucratically. Cleanliness, hygiene and well-maintained equipment are a matter of course. We support our employees,   and have many long-term employees, which is the result of a good work climate and a management style based on partnership. We are happy if we can inspire young people for the hotel and restaurant industry. We encourage our employees in their development through training, motivation and by supporting and accompanying them to work under their own initiative. We offer multiple apprenticeship positions to support the next generation of skilled staff in the industry and offer job opportunities for our young people. We always listen to the concerns and needs of our employees.

We are a great team
We have an appetite for service.   This, however, only works if we are a team.   And we are.   All employees work together on the basis of mutual respect and everybody adheres to the jointly defined rules.   We like to assist colleagues and help each other if help is needed.

We want to operate economically
We don't just want to, we have to operate economically. This is the only way to keep and provide jobs; and it is the only way to offer our guests a continuously top quality service and be a competent partner for our suppliers. Our employees are therefore asked to ensure efficient processes and to avoid costly mistakes during their day-to-day work. A responsible approach to resources such as water, energy, electricity and products is important to all our employees. Apart from the economical effects, we are also aware of our responsibility for the environment.

We are a good partner
Our main interest lies in regional products, short routes and long-term honest cooperation.   We are excited about suppliers that share the same outlook and philosophy.   We continuously work on our relationships with suppliers, which benefits our guests and us. Good partners are treated fairly with quick payments and long-term relationships.

We play an active role socially, ecologically and ethicallyWe are regionally rooted. That is why we are happy to get involved: in the local community, for local clubs, social facilities and in regional inter-trade organisations.   We contribute to society by sponsoring, activities and active help.   During our daily work, all of us pay attention to ensure a respectful use of our resources.   And we do consider the ethical question:   Concerns of other religions are taken seriously and we look for individual solutions.   This applies to guests and employees likewise.   

Markus & Sylvia Polinski and the team